Judging Excellence Award Collection 39

Last weeks I've been judging the Excellence Award Collection 39! It was such an honour, thanks for inviting me Wedding Photography Select & The Select Bride :D Take a look at the awesome collection here! Congratulations to all winnersss 🥳🥳🥳 https://bit.ly/2YeFChO

"Since 2016 Denise Motz works as a wedding photographer. She has a great passion for storytelling photography, in which humor certainly plays an important role. After completing the Academy of Fine Arts she didn't immediately start wedding photography, but mainly focussed on free work. As her images evolved, she developed a soft spot for wedding photography. By linking her own work to wedding photography, a unique visual language has arisen. She is super calm and likes to give the couple and guests some trust by talking to them, make some jokes and really get to know them. Always looking forward to a new wedding day!"

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