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Being a judge of next round "Masters of German Wedding Photography"

I almost can't believe it!! I've asked te be a judge in the next round of the international wedding competition "Masters of German Wedding Photography" and I'm super proud of this.

Hi, I'm Denise and I have great passion for photojournalistic photography, in which humor certainly plays an important role. After completing the Academy of Fine Arts I didn't immediately start wedding photography, but mainly focussed on free work. As my images evolved, I developed a soft spot for wedding photography. By linking my own work to wedding photography, a unique visual language has arisen. I'm super calm and like to give the couple and guests some trust in me by talking to them, make some jokes and really get to know them. Always looking forward to a new wedding day! In 2018 Denise has won 5 Fearless awards, 3 This is Reportage awards and 1 Story award.



The international jurors we select for each round have already proven themselves for quite some time. This makes them very capable of distinguishing a good wedding photo from a nice wedding photo. Aspects they pay attention to include: impact, emotion, atmosphere, creativity, use of light, composition and post-processing.


All entries are assessed anonymously, which means that the photographer’s name is not visible, and the jurors are not together to discuss photos. When 2 or 3 jurors vote for a particular photo, this photo is presented with an award. A juror cannot see which photo has received a vote from another juror. A juror can vote for up to 10% of the entries. There is no minimum with respect to the number of votes per juror

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