Ask The Photographers: What Do You Do During The Quiet-Season?

A super interesting piece about what wedding photographers do in the Quiet-season. Find me and the other photographers here:

Ask The Photographers: What Do You Do During The Quiet-Season?

This is Reportage:

"We’re approaching the time of year when, for many wedding photographers, the season starts to wind down – as is what a very famous phrase now, “Winter is coming”. So, we thought we’d ask some of our members just what they do during this off/low/quiet season.What follows is a round-up from more than 30 of our photographers, with some brilliant and wide-ranging advice and opinions, on subjects such as taking on personal photography projects, re-focusing on your family and relationships (something that is just so vital), updating portfolios, catching up on sleep, working on SEO (shudder), getting away from the screen, re-charging our batteries, planning a marketing strategy, travel, social media reviews, attending workshops, keeping fit, meeting up with fellow photographers, cleaning the house, and much, much more – a really, really interesting piece!"

“When coming from a fine art study I always want to do my own projects to discover and learn more about myself. Within the wedding season

there is less time, but for me wedding photography is also a form of digging into yourself and what you like most, so it actually never stops.

Last year I thought about going abroad to a warmer island and do some underwater photography, something I did when I studied, but now with wedding couples, because I thought it might me super interesting and inspirational. So I did and went to Ibiza! 😀

Next to the Ibiza story and most important, seeing friends and family I abandoned all season, I’m kidding! But sometime I feel like a terrible friend when you are always saying you are busy. When this comes to mind I quit the work I’m busy with and see that friend. A wedding can wait for a few days right?

It’s just super important that you take time for these amazing people around you and also capture them, your own life and everything around that is beautiful!” – Denise