Way Up North - Cologne

Photo by the talented photographer Kirk Mastin

WAY UP NORTH | Cologne 25 – 26 September

A conference for wedding photographers with talented speakers from all over the world. For me it was a first timer.

Some things became more clear whitin this trip

. Last year I changed a lot. The point where I changed the most is that I feel less fear and more gratitude, when earlier I felt insecure. Talking to strangers was not one of my favourites things to do, but now I don’t feel any restrain.

Taking photos feel sooo so comfortable and because you are the photographer, you always make the pictures. So when another photographer makes a photo of you, what happens… You get NERVOUS wauw.

This needs to stop haha, so I actually want to have 100 photos taken of me by you guys in the next year. With phone or whatever camera you have. I want to be fearless, I’ll ask! :D