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I am a Dutch wedding photographer and I take wedding photos at every national and international destination. I consider myself privileged, because I love my profession so much and have great luck to enjoy the work, which leads me to perform every wedding with the same passion and responsibility.

Let yourself be carried away by my favourite photos with a unique storytelling style.

I try to capture every wedding as purely and creatively as possible. I have a great passion for photojournalistic photography, in which humor certainly plays an important role. I ​ also have an art background and a number of years of free photographic work. I started to combine this with wedding photography and this created a unique visual language, of which I can say that I know where I stand for! I get the most energy from capturing your beautiful characters. 

Documenting what happens on the day of the wedding and intervening as little as possible. For me, that is what the work of a wedding photographer means. Only in this way I can capture the greatest moments that let you enjoy.

My work has been recognized by international and national organizations, such as Fearless Photographers, Masters of wedding Photography, My Wed and

This is Reportage.


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Dear Denise,

we are completely overwhelmed by the beauty of your photos. We think it is a big mystery how you were able to capture all those beautiful moments. Because where were you? Stefan and I asked each other, but no, we hardly saw you at all. And yet you were - as your photos prove - everywhere.

We could not have imagined a better memory of the day than your photos. It has dynamics, lightness, a smile, a tear. They are unique compositions, a beautiful play of color, light and shadow. But we think that you have succeeded in solidifying fleeting but beautiful moments and keeping them moving.

Yes Denise you are - apart from a great fun person - a great photographer. We wanted to thank you enormously for the result and your dedicated way of working, that felt very good.


Good Morning Denise.

Thank you so much for the preview of the pictures!! We cannot stop watching them and are super curious about the rest. 
Thank you for joining us on our wedding. It was a pleasure to have you and Rachel with us. 
My sister already told us, that she wants you as her photographer for her wedding too 😂😂 still - she needs to find a man to marry first.
Your pictures and the emotions you catch in these are absolutely outstanding and we are happy to recommend you to anyone we know.
All our love and hopefully speak soon!

M I C H E L  & K A T A L I N

"Dear Denise,What a gorgeous pictures of a great day! We are very pleased with this, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We also liked your way of working. You are recommended! ''




September 5, 2019

July 2, 2019

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Dear Denise, very consciously, we have chosen for you to capture this important day of ours; no standard bridal biscuits of "static couples on a bridge", but not standard photos, artistic, fantastic eye for detail and just a moment to grab it. That made you totally appreciated, really above expectations (and that was already high haha)I can recommend everyone to you because, besides that you're just fine in your field, you're also nice to spend the day. Super thanks!!


Wow, you've really made beautiful pictures, chapeau !!!, We're very glad that everything went so smoothly and of course, here you've also filled your role as an eye-catching eye. Our feedback and from our family is that you did your job well by unobtrusively going on in all, well adapted to the spheres in the different locations. Your beautiful photo reportage brings back the wedding day to our memories, we can not wait for the rest and the album. Thank you for your flexibility and your craftsmanship."


'Denise made our day complete! She made us relaxed when we were alone, she picked us up if she had found a nice spot and made us take poses that gave us beautiful pictures! All of our day is beautiful on photo Thanks to this top lady !!! 


"Ha Denise, you really make super gift pictures! We are so happy with you. Really so beautiful! All the comments were WoW what a gift of photos. "


Ha Denise, We just looked at the pictures just amazed. Wow!!! Really enjoy it!! For people who do not like photos at all, it's hard for us to choose which one we can all hang on the wall: D: D What a cool pictures are there, especially those at the fort !! Really great what you made of that location, beautiful, fairy-tale photos! Throughout the day, you have been very successful in capturing the atmosphere !!!